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Did you ever grow up fantasizing about being a Princess? Almost every little girl did! We wanted to wear the pretty gown, meet our handsome prince, be adorned with a crown and live happily ever after, right? In fact, many of the children’s movies we watched always portrayed the ordinary girl who turned into a magical Princess at the end of the story. But what do you do when the story ends and you are still an ordinary girl or an ordinary woman? How do you cope with the disappointment of not being the person you’ve always dreamed of being? After a while days turn into months and months turn in years. And the Royalty inside of you is buried, covered with the effects of life. 

How do you recapture something you’ve lost? How do you discover your Royalty from within? Believe me there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a real crown to obtain and at the end of this book you will have earned the right to wear it. Thereby, my hope is that you see yourself the way God sees you, that you appreciate the beauty you behold and know the noble kingdom you are from. My prayer is that you glow from within and discover the greatness that has been bestowed upon you. Finally, that you would know there really is a Royal inside you; desiring to be birthed, desiring to be released, desiring to live with passion today! 

Since we are going to be digging let’s familiarize ourselves with the quest of this archeological dig. It begins as a well-planned event with one purpose in mind – unearth or uncover the valuable treasure that is buried. Precise tools are brought in to carefully excavate the precious find. The tools that we are going to use encompass seeking God, honesty, confession, courage and faith. In fact, this treasure is so valuable that nothing will be allowed to hinder the process. Complete dedication is demanded and expected.  The archeological dig takes time, diligence and patience. Just like this journey! So don’t try to rush the process. Every moment is needed to bring forth your royal position! God has strategically brought you to this place and this time!  

Are you ready for a journey?

Released on April 29, 2017


Ladies it’s time!  God desires to unveil your identity, unlock your purpose, unleash your rightful potential and unearth your Royalty from within!  “You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord and a Royal Diadem, in the hand of God.”  (Isaiah 62:3).  This is your promise, for such a time as this!  Welcome to the Journey!


(Picture from Victory Christian Women's Conference Oct.2017)

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"Unearthing the Royalty from Within is more than an intellectual,  educational or motivational book;  it is a guidebook. It is one that,  through practical application of its message, will produce fruitfulness  in your lifestyle, behavior, conduct and character.  This book is  transformational !"
  Helen Hopkins

"This is not just a one-time  read.  “Unearthing The Royalty from Within” must be read, reread, and  frequently referenced throughout your journey.     This book is a manual  and is essential to helping YOU reach your destination - God’s plan and  purpose for His Royal Diadem (Isaiah 6:23)."  

Pastor Mary Cooper

Daughters of Esther  

(Writer of Book Foreward) 

The Royal Book Club

Join the Royal Book club!  We will have monthly conference calls as we journey though the book!  This will be a time of fellowship , a place to share your story and a time of  encouragement.   Here are a list of our book club conference calls:

Sunday, November 12, 2017 @ 6:00pm

Sunday, December 10, 2017 @ 6:00pm

Please call 515-604-9396

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Look forward to connecting with you!

The Gift of Tea Time

At the end of each chapter is a time of meditation and specific challenges.  It's called "The Gift of Tea Time".  It  is your personal time of reflection and preparation!   The beauty of it, is that you can have it at any time and in any place!  So grab a cup of tea or coffee and take a  "Selah" moment.  Rediscover your purpose!   


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